No one wants their employees to be injured. But keeping your eggs from cracking and breaking can be a daunting task. You focus on safety, you have programs, you buy the equipment and you do the training, but it just isn't enough. Your workers' compensation costs are taking a bigger bite out of your budget. You're dealing with all the negative outcomes from those cracks and breaks, from employee morale, turnover, lost productivity, and much more.


Or maybe you have a good program that has just gotten stale or needs a boost to take it to that next level by:

  • Assessing your organization from the top leadership to those on the floor.
  • Identifying your areas of opportunity in all aspects of safety and injury management
  • Determining your cultural barriers to safety success, in addition to your primary physical and behavioral loss sources.
  • Evaluating your processes to control the losses once an accident has occurred.

We can then develop, with your involvement and input, a collaborative safety and health action plan to improve your safety and risk management program attacking the three primary contributors to an accident:

  • At Risk Behaviors
  • Unsafe Conditions
  • Ineffective Systems

Advanced Safety & Health takes a multifaceted approach based on commitment, goal setting, and the collaborative action plan to implement accident reduction and cost containment programs focused on the loss sources within your operation. Our emphasis will be on hazard reduction and behavioral/cultural change. We know that no two organizations are exactly alike, so we tailor to specific work environments and levels of responsibility. We do not use "canned" programs. This action plan will be based on your needs, with the ultimate goal of reducing your injuries and their associated costs to ultimately affect your "bottom Line".

Our commitment is to assist organizations like yours to achieve safe, efficient, quality production by helping you:

  • Identify "Root Causes" of Losses
  • Identify Appropriate Corrective Action
  • Train Staff in Problem Solving, Interviewing and Process Improvement
  • Integrate Loss Prevention Efforts into Daily Management Practices
  • Optimize the Efforts of your Safety Committee and/or Teams
  • Audit the Effectiveness and Fine-tune Your Efforts Over Time

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