Ergonomic Consulting Services


Designing for improved performance is no longer an option in today's competitive work environment—it's critical. Our engineering and design solutions offer breakthrough improvements in system and operational performance. Our ergonomic consultant services dramatically improve productivity and profitability, while accelerating health and safety excellence.

Whether addressing product design, manufacturing processes, material handling equipment, or office layout, the Advanced Safety & Health ergonomist offers real-world solutions in an easy-to-understand manner.

Experienced and Certified Ergonomics Engineer
Our Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) and team of safety consultants possess a wealth of practical experience from years of solving workplace challenges ranging from small businesses requiring a single job analysis to large production facilities wanting a complete ergonomic program development package.  As a result of our ergonomist's experience and background, we can ensure that the ergonomic solutions developed for your needs will exceed your expectations.

Design-In Ergonomics

Design-in ergonomics is the process of evaluating and resolving ergonomic concerns during the design (paper) stage of product, line/process, or tooling development.  Our Certified Professional Ergonomist can assist you in saving countless hours of down time, quality issues, and numerous work-related injuries before they would ever occur.  Put our ergonomic consultants to work for you now, rather than after you have discovered the problem.


Practical Approach to Assessments and Engineering

Sometimes, it's only one egg that has a crack. If that's the case, a quantified risk factor analysis would meet your needs. Advanced Safety & Health's Certified Professional Ergonomist will perform any or all of the following steps:

  • Review medical claims
  • Observe work site and operation
  • Interview employees performing their jobs
  • Measure work elements (i.e., force, distance, weight, push/pull forces)
  • Complete a Work Task Ergonomic Stressor checklist
  • Evaluate digital photos/video

This data is used to provide a quantified ergonomic risk factor analysis and recommendations to correct the problems identified through the assessment process.

Program Implementation and Management Support

We develop a Customized Industrial Ergonomics Program by:

  • Working with your organization to develop an ergonomic process
  • Customizing the process to stay within your budget and available resources, large or small
  • Developing tracking or checklist documents to support the process
  • Training the ergonomic team members in using the ergonomic process on actual concerns
  • Assisting the ergonomic team in identifying the ergonomic concerns within their plant (i.e., OSHA data, employee questionnaires, etc.)
  • Coaching the ergonomic team when using the ergonomic process
  • Providing follow-up with the team as requested to ensure the process is running smoothly

Ergonomic Training

Our Ergonomist can provide ergonomic training packages customized to your specific needs, such as:

  • Office Ergonomics
  • Employee Ergonomic Awareness Training
  • Ergonomics for Engineers - focused on problem identification, quantifying ergonomic risk factors, and identifying the most effective resolutions
  • Training for Ergonomic Team Members - focused on understanding ergonomic principles, using ergonomic checklists, measuring data, brainstorming, and choosing optimum resolutions

Ergonomic Program Management

Would your company like to have their ergonomics program run by an experienced ergonomist, but it isn't a full-time role?

We have the solution. With our Program Management Option, a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE) with well over 18 years of experience will manage your company's ergonomic program with services such as:

  • Program implementation and management
  • Facilitating ergonomic committee meetings
  • Performing ergonomic assessments
  • Working with engineering and management towards resolution of concerns
  • Documentation of process and ergonomic concerns
  • Development of communication boards, newsletter articles, and safety talks on ergonomics
  • Standardization of best practices to be used in multiple-plant facilities

Ergonomic Consultant  •  Certified Professional Ergonomist   •  Ergonomics Training

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