Safety Management System Gap Analysis and Employee Safety Perception Survey:

For a major railcar manufacturing and repair company, we conducted a safety management system gap analysis and assessment focusing on injury prevention and regulatory compliance issues.  In addition, we conducted employee  safety perception surveys of all associates.  Data and information was compiled and analyzed.  A final report and strategic plan was developed and presented to the client’s executive leadership. This project involved multiple locations and nearly 1000 employees. We are now assisting this client with the development and implementation of the safety improvement strategies. At the time of the audit the recordable incident rate of 13.2. One year after implementing the audit recommendations the client was experiencing a sustainable 4.5 OSHA recordable rate.


Site Safety Management for Largest Inland Marine Shipyard:

For a major maritime industry labor provider, we were asked to support a large shipyard to provide safety oversight for the temporary labor provider's employees while working closely with the host's worksite safety personnel.  Prior to us providing the safety management support, the OSHA recordable incident rate for our client was over 65 on this work site.  Upon the conclusion of our work (less than one year), the OSHA recordable rate was a sustained 8.4.


Safety & Environmental Staff for Major Government Contractor:

For the past eight years we have been providing support personnel to augment the existing safety, health, and environmental staff for a major aerospace and defense company. Services include safety, industrial hygiene and environmental program development, implementation, training, technical assistance, and regulatory reporting.


Safety Management System Gap Analysis and Recommendations:

For an international provider of industrial supplies and services, we conducted a safety management system and regulatory compliance gap analysis.  Audit data and information were compiled and analyzed.  A final report and strategic plan was developed and presented to the client’s executive leadership. This project involved multiple locations and over 5000 employees.


Temporary Safety Management Services For Manufacturers:

For two separate second-tier auto parts manufacturers, we provided an onsite safety resource while they were in a transition period between safety managers. Our staff assisted in the recruitment and selection process of the new safety manager. We then supported the client's new manager through their orientation process and are still available on an as needed basis.


Construction Site Safety Management Services:

Provided full-time safety management support to the construction management firm for a major expansion project of a pharmaceutical packaging operation in south central Kentucky.  Services include contractor pre-qualification, safety program development, site safety and health audits, safety training, lead emergency response program, assure environmental and safety regulatory compliance, and coordinate subcontractor safety management personnel.


Construction Site Safety Management Services:

For a major electrical contractor, we provided full time on-site construction safety management support on a high-profile $1 Billion expansion project for an international distribution facility.  Our services involve site safety auditing, training, incident investigation, performing job hazard analysis, risk assessments, recordkeeping and reporting.


Safety Manager Mentoring:

For a medium-sized manufacturer, we provided mentoring, coaching, and professional development for a staff member who assumed safety responsibilities with no formal education or previous background in occupational safety and health.


Outsource Safety Management Service:

For a small construction contractor, we developed and continue to manage their occupational safety and health program. Duties include site audits, safety training, OSHA recordkeeping, and other safety duties as needed.


Safety Due Diligence Review:

We were contracted by a major law firm to conduct safety due diligence of a large printing operation to help facilitate the sale and purchase of the operation near Chicago.


Case Study:

We were asked to assist a 100+ employee PVC pipe manufacturer with addressing a dramatic increase in workers’ comp losses.  We initiated the Continuous Safety Improvement Process Partnership Agreement with management’s commitment for change.  The first year, we achieved over a 50% decrease in losses from work related injuries and illnesses.  The following years this client achieved improved results from the prior year and reduced their losses by over $300,000 a year from the year prior to the inception of this partnership agreement.

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